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kids Urdu poems

Urdu kids Poems is an android app for kids learning the rhymes (nazmain) or kids poems of their pre school learning. This will be very much helpful for kids who want to learn basic rhymes in urdu and hindi. Best urdu nazmain and poems are selected and included with animations. This app contains the rhymes in cartoon rhymes where different characters are acting in cartoon animation. This applications consists of different poems, a great fun and an educational tool especially for preschool and kindergarten toddlers. Whether youre a parent of a young child, teacher or an older brother or sister here you will find delightful, charming, uncomplicated, safe, absolutely perfect rhymes for your little ones. All the familiar and best loved nursery rhymes presented in urdu format that can be easily readable and understood for early stage babies. Poems: Timmak Talla Timmak Talla Aik Tha Teetar Aik Batair Bulbul Ka Baccha Haathi Abbu Laye MotorCar Paanch Chuhy Ghar Sy Nikly Badal Garjy Chunna Munna Do Choozy Thy Hm To Soo Rahy Thy Chu Chu ChaCha Aik Kawa Pyasa Tha Macchli Jhal Ki Rani Hai Aalu Mian Subha Sawairy Aati Titli